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Beware of Sarcasm and Antlers

Gus The Moose
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Antler Art: Stuff You Can Hang on Your Wall
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aang, adam savage, alexandra eames, angelo, appa, arcadian, art, avatar, barek/logan, barney, benzu fache, bob, books, boomtown, broots, buster, cameron, cartoons, chase, civil war, comics, country, criminal intent, criminal justic, cuddy, da vinci code, dana scully, daniel jackson, danny/martin, dark hunter, dean winchester, draco malfoy, drawing, dream-hunter, dresden files, ed green, elliot stabler, elliot/olivia, fanfiction, firefly, foreman, fox mulder, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley, goren/eames, grant imahara, graphics, greg house, harry dresden, harry potter, harry/murphy, hermione granger, history, horses, house, house/wilson, iroh, jack mccoy, jack o'neill, james wilson, jamie hyneman, jarod, jayne, john munch, john winchester, john/elizabeth, kari byron, karrin murphy, katagarian, katara, law and order, lennie briscoe, lieutenant collet, lily, lyle, mal, manuel aringraosa, marshall, miss parker, momo, mystery, mythbusters, odafin tutuola, olivia benson, original character, r&b, rap, reading, remus lupin, riding, river, robert goren, robert langdon, robin, rock, role playing, ron weasley, ronon/teyla, rpg, salis, sam carter, sam winchester, shepherd book, sherrilyn kenyon, simon, sir leigh teabing, sirius black, sokka, sophie neveu, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stargate-sg1, supernatural, svu, sydney, teal'c, ted, the dresden files, the pretender, thor, toph, tory belleci, wash, were-hunter, without a trace, writing, x-files, zoe, zuko
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