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Continuing On

Life continues on for the Moose. I can't say anything's changed since the last time I updated. My dog is still gone and not coming back. I'm still working at Barrington Saddlery three days a week and the rest of the time I visit my horse.

They have finally started construction on the new indoor arena at my barn. They've got the frame work up and it looks like it's going to be a really nice barn when it's finished. I heard Jodi talking about her plans for it, stalls, a wash rack and a viewing area. I think the arena's going to be sand and there's going to be a larger tack room. I'm pretty excited to see the finish product when it's done.

My dad still won't let me have a dog. I'm pretty sure my mom would be okay with it but my dad still says no. I'm trying to be accepting and I'm trying not to get down about it but I am. Not having a dog around makes me sad. I'm not depressed, to me depressed is a whole other level of sad, but I am sad. I miss the company when I'm home alone and I miss how happy my dog was to see me when I got home at night. I would just love to have that again but trying to make my dad understand that just makes me frustrated and even more sad.

I should probably stop reading a book about dogs and how they perceive the world. That can't be helping.

My horse is doing great. She's getting fuzzy for the winter and is honestly kind of fat. I'm working on the fat part but I haven't been able to ride because I twisted my ankle at work so badly the doctor made me wear an air cast for a week. It was not fun to walk around. I'm better now so I went and saw her today. She's still fat and fuzzy. Seeing her always makes me feel better.

I cleaned up my friends list here, but didn't remove any personal journals. I stopped watching a bunch of communities for fandoms I'm not active in anymore or really enjoying. I'm looking at you House and Supernatural. I've been watching a bunch of Law & Order reruns though, in all the incarnations. It's been fun! The older episodes are much more enjoyable than the newer ones. I do so love the classic L&Os.

Other than that, the job hunt continues on, life for the Moose continues on.

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