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Saddle Problems

My horse!

We’ve been having some problems at the canter. And by some, I mean a lot. At first I thought I had trained them into her and with time they would get better, but they haven’t been. So, now I’m looking into other reasons. The first is that it may be her saddle doesn’t fit.

At the tack shop where I work, there is a Master Saddler so I brought in some pictures of her in the saddle and they think she needs a completely new one. They wanted to see her moving in the one she has now so I took a little video.

The towel is there to level out the saddle. It’s really the wrong fit. Next week they’re coming out to my barn and bringing a bunch of saddles with them to find the right fit. Hopefully with the right saddle, she’ll stop having problems at the canter.



For some reason today, I thought of this story I had started writing in high school where me and my friends were the characters and our high school was a fictional town and oh my God was it terrible. I mean terrible. I can't believe how much I've improved as a writer as I matured.

It's not just the grammar and the structure of the story. I have some insanely huge paragraphs here. I can't believe my teachers put up with that crap or that anyone thought it was good writing. The word choice is terrible, the language is purple and absolutely ridiculous as a result. I have no idea what story I was trying to tell. None. I read every word and I've got nothing.

God, I love that I keep everything. I really get to see how I've changed and how I've grown as a writer. I almost want to rewrite this, turn it into something decent for my friends from high school who were so encouraging to me as a young writer. Damn, this is so much fun.

I want to see what other old stuff I kept and how bad it is!

Heh, heh, whoops.

Okay, so promised Christmas Fics are going to take a little longer than expected. My laptop got a virus so I'm really behind on writing. I'll get your fics written soon people, I promise.

OOC: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

'Tis the season and once again this Christmas I've giving my internet friends the gift of fic! I do this every Christmas and it's a blast. I can't wait to see what requests I get this year and how you all respond!

These fics will have no word limits. I'll write as much as it takes to get your request done. If everything goes as planned, everyone will get their requested fic before January 1st.

Feel Free To:
- Make multiple requests. I will pick one to write.
- Leave brief description of what you'd like to see me write.
- If you want it shippy, make sure you put that ship in the request.
- Request a fic genre. Fluffy? Angsty? Comedy? Hurt/Comfort?
- Request a rating. Smut? Or Disney G rating?
- Request canon, RP History based, or completely AU fic.
- If there's a muse you know I used to write and want fic with them go ahead and request them.

Continuing On

Life continues on for the Moose. I can't say anything's changed since the last time I updated. My dog is still gone and not coming back. I'm still working at Barrington Saddlery three days a week and the rest of the time I visit my horse.

They have finally started construction on the new indoor arena at my barn. They've got the frame work up and it looks like it's going to be a really nice barn when it's finished. I heard Jodi talking about her plans for it, stalls, a wash rack and a viewing area. I think the arena's going to be sand and there's going to be a larger tack room. I'm pretty excited to see the finish product when it's done.

My dad still won't let me have a dog. I'm pretty sure my mom would be okay with it but my dad still says no. I'm trying to be accepting and I'm trying not to get down about it but I am. Not having a dog around makes me sad. I'm not depressed, to me depressed is a whole other level of sad, but I am sad. I miss the company when I'm home alone and I miss how happy my dog was to see me when I got home at night. I would just love to have that again but trying to make my dad understand that just makes me frustrated and even more sad.

I should probably stop reading a book about dogs and how they perceive the world. That can't be helping.

My horse is doing great. She's getting fuzzy for the winter and is honestly kind of fat. I'm working on the fat part but I haven't been able to ride because I twisted my ankle at work so badly the doctor made me wear an air cast for a week. It was not fun to walk around. I'm better now so I went and saw her today. She's still fat and fuzzy. Seeing her always makes me feel better.

I cleaned up my friends list here, but didn't remove any personal journals. I stopped watching a bunch of communities for fandoms I'm not active in anymore or really enjoying. I'm looking at you House and Supernatural. I've been watching a bunch of Law & Order reruns though, in all the incarnations. It's been fun! The older episodes are much more enjoyable than the newer ones. I do so love the classic L&Os.

Other than that, the job hunt continues on, life for the Moose continues on.

RP Woes

I miss plot driven RP. I miss storylines.


I really miss my dog today.

Maggie went missing almost a month ago and as I sit here in an empty house I really miss my dog. All she really did during the day was sleep, either on the floor next to the couch or on the end of the couch when I put her up there. I'd let her out during the day and then she'd go right back to sleep when she came back inside. At night, she'd sleep in my room. She wasn't a playful dog, really she wasn't a typical dog at all, but she was really good company.

I miss that. I miss having that presence with me. Barrington Saddlery cut my hours, I'm only working three days a week now and while I go to the barn on every day off that only takes up three, four hours of my day. There's not much else to do in Woodstock and I don't really have the spending money anymore to go out places.

It'd be nice to have a dog around, to bring with me to a barn, to sit on the couch with me again. Maybe if I worked full time again I wouldn't care about having a dog. I'd have something to do, keep myself busy but it's not like that. I'm stuck at home three days a week with a cat who spends all her time upstairs ignoring me. I'd like to have a friend again.

Patience Today

I brought my new camera to the barn today and took some fun pictures of Patience moving which is so much easier with this rapid shot mode.

More pictures of my horse!Collapse )

I'm alive! It's a miracle!

Holy shit guys, I’m wiped. I just spent four days working the tent sale at the saddler and I’m pretty sure one more day of that would kill me. It was the most exhaustive experience of my life. I don’t even think college was that physically and mentally demanding. I really hope we did great on the sale or I’m going to feel like I wasted my life on those days.

Things aren’t done by any means. We have to figure out what to do with the left over stuff and I have a sinking feeling that I’m going to end up carting boxes up to the attic. That’s going to suck, a lot. I’m sore and tired and feeling icky so I really don’t want to be climbing stairs and carrying things. Sadly, for my job I’ll have to.

I can’t wait for Friday. It’s my day off and I can spend all day on the couch. Well, not all day. I plan to go out to breakfast and get Ghost Story. Then I’ll spend all day on the couch reading. I can’t believe how behind I am! Everyone’s read it before me! What is this insanity!?!?

Alright, I’m done being dramatic.

In other news, my horse continues to slowly get better. Horses aren’t the fastest healers in the world, so I just have to keep an eye on it and make sure it’s doing okay. It is and I don’t see it getting worse so I’m hopeful it’s going well. I’ve started riding Patience bareback up from the fields just to get a little time with her. In this heat and with work, I don’t get a lot of time with her. It’s pretty fun, though I’m still not ready for anytime more than a walk. Patience doesn’t seem to mind all that much and I certainly like the quiet time out in the fields with her. I go early in the morning so no one else is around. It’s like it’s just me and her. That’s a really nice feeling.

I think that’s about it right now. My whole life has been tent sale. Exciting huh?

Three Years! A New Record!

Well, after three years of horse ownership it's finally happened. Patience hurt herself. Now before you people go freaking out, she's just got a puncture wound on her leg that's not very serious and hasn't made her lame. Just looking at her, you can't even tell there's anything wrong with her.

I'm going to be out there every morning and every evening after work to tend to it. I just have to flush it out and put SWAT around it to keep the flies off. I was just there this morning and it looks really good. I think it'll heal nicely and my barn manager isn't worried about it either. Of course, if it's not better by the end of the week I'm going to call the vet out and have a little freak out but I'm not worried right now.

I am freaking out a little about the weather. I can't help it. After three days without power I really, really, really don't want to lose power again. I like having my nice comfortable house! Also, rain will make it hard for me to tend to Patience. Although, the humidity doesn't make that a fun experience.

My parents are back from France and it was nice to see them again. I've only seen my dad's pictures so far. My mom's putting together a slide show. So far, the pictures have been erally nice. It looks like they had an awesome time. My favorite thing they got me is a necklace from Paris. It's a little brass carousel with some beads. It's simple and plain but colorful and cute which I really love. They did great with it.

Ah well, that's life here right now. Pretty nice all together.

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